Have you trouble getting high? See what you should know

Written by on 23 July, 2022

Many consumers of cannabis resort to this plant for many reasons, among them, to be able to enjoy its psychoactive effects, such as the relaxation which is generally experimented with the varieties indica, or the energy or euphoria which usually offer the strains sativas.

There are people who prefer to feel the effects of the plant in a fast way by smoking a good joint, while others prefer the late and intense effects of the food, but, at some time, you had a hard time to place yourself. If that is your case, we invite you to continue to read this post, because there are some things that you must know:

1) You have probably developed tolerance

If, after smoking a joint, you feel that you are not as high as you used to be with just a couple of puffs that may be because you have developed a tolerance for cannabis.

You will see, when marijuana is consumed frequently during long periods, many users develop certain tolerance.

Anyway, you must have present that each person is different, and the way in which it experiences the effects of the cannabis also.

2) It is recommended to change varieties

If you have been smoking the same variety for a long time, it is probably time to look for another strain. You are not very convinced. Well, we know that you can be much attached to your sativa or your indica but, keep in mind that each variety has its own chemical profile, so smoking something different could reactivate the high. Try a variety with different terpenes.

3) The CBD can counteract the effect of the THC

Although it seems an obvious advice, it is not too much to remind you that when you are going to choose a new strain of cannabis, make sure that it contains many more percentages of THC.

When it comes to a high, CBD can mitigate the psychoactive nature of THC so the more CBD relative to THC a strain has, the more manageable the effect will be, and in a different case if the amount of CBD is low relative to THC, the effect is likely to be more psychoactive.

Also, the amount of terpenes of a strain can influence the effect produced by it.

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