Happy World Marijuana Day! Have a potent 4/20 accompanied by your Weed

Written by on 20 April, 2021

Happy World Marijuana Day! Have a potent 4/20 accompanied by your Weed

Good smoke to all our smoker friends! World Marijuana Day is here, so it’s time to light up a joint, vaporize or prepare cannabis edibles as there are more than 420 reasons to be celebrating.

Despite being in times of pandemic, the cannabis community does not overlook April 20, a very special date, and to celebrate it as it should, what better than to do it accompanied by your Weed.

This popular celebration originated more than 40 years ago, when a group of students in California, United States, known as “The Walos”, got together after school to smoke marijuana at 4:20 in the afternoon.

Although at first “4/20” was a sort of code the students used to refer to cannabis and not get caught, that number was soon transformed into the 20th day of the month 4 (4/20) as Global Marijuana Day.

Well, say no more and keep reading this post, we will tell you 3 ideal ways to spend a 420 high:

1- Try Moon Rocks

As you know, the Moon Rocks are buds sprayed in has oil coated in Kief, they contain a high THC content of about 50%, so they are quite potent. With the Moon Rocks, you will undoubtedly experience sensations of great impact.

2- Smoke a very potent cannabis strain

There is no better way to spend this April 20th than smoking a good strain. In order to have a high voltage experience, try to choose a potent flower weed that is characterized by its potency.

For example the Bruce Banner #3 strain is a very good choice to start with, it has a THC content of 27%, and after a few puffs you will feel great euphoria and happiness, as well as a relaxing tranquility.

3- Use the Kief

Kief is one of the many ideal alternatives to enjoy the effects of your Mary Jane. This cannabis concentrate is a powder rich in trichomes, which will give you a very intense high.

From Mota Radio, we wish to all the cannabis community a happy day and that the Weed never misses you. Write us in our Mota Chat or through our Facebook page and tell us, how you will spend this 4/20.


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