Give your stoner partner a heart-shaped joint for Valentine’s Day 

Written by on 14 February, 2022

Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to surprise your stoner partner than with a cannabis gift. If you haven’t thought of something yet, offer the love of your life a heart-shaped joint, he or she will love it for sure. Keep reading this post to learn how to do it.

Heart-shaped joint

The truth is that this joint is perfect for any occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, among others. And rolling it up is easier than it looks.

Follow these steps:

1- Cut some strips of the rolling paper, on the sticky side. This will be useful later to join the joints.

2- Make two cardboard nozzles (with the typical folds to prevent the fibers of the herbal product from leaking or passing through).

3- Once you have your bud well chopped with the help of a grinder, start to assemble two very long joints. Do it very carefully because as you can realize this joint must be longer than usual, so it can be a little more complicated to assemble it.

Try to assemble it on a table or smooth surface, so that you can pick up the remains of the specks that fall. Also keep in mind that you should not press the joint too much, but you should not leave it too soft to avoid big air pockets (everything should be somewhere in between).

4- Make the second joint in the same way. Then proceed to mold them one by one.

Leave the joint a little soft on top slowly give the heart shape; you can loosen it with both hands a little more so that it can be twisted.

Then carefully start folding down the top of the joint, making a small fold. It will look like a hook. Do the same with the second joint.

5- To give it the final heart shape, place the nozzles of both joints parallel to each other (the arched part of the heart, that is, the top part, should be facing inwards).

With a little bit of glue (that you previously cut from the rolling paper) join the nozzles. Then begin to shape the joint into a heart shape. Also, join the two top ends, with the glue, and smooth the shape with your hands.

That’s it! All you have to do is fire the middle part of the joint and let’s us smoke! Enjoy a 420 session with your partner.

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