Give a special touch to your joint with these tips

Written by on 28 September, 2022

Every smoker has their own particular way of getting high with weed, using vaporizers, bongs, preparing edibles, but one of the most traditional is undoubtedly smoking a cannabis joint.

Well, the truth is that rolling joints is one of the most accessible and easy ways to get “high”, so, surely it is one of your favorite methods, if so, you will most likely be interested in knowing how to give a different touch to your experience, follow us here we will tell you what you can do for it.

1- Add some Kief

As you may know, Kief is a powder rich in trichomes that can provide you with quite a potent effect as it is much more powerful than regular buds.

Well, when you are rolling your joint you can sprinkle some Kief on it, it will give it an extra kick, plus it will be very useful if the flower you are going to smoke is not as potent as you thought it would be. Just be sure to smoke in moderation.

2- Roll your joint differently

If you are already an expert at rolling traditional joints, then you should take it up to the next level and roll them differently.

You see, when it comes to rolling your joint you can experiment with making extravagant joints, rolling them in the shape of a tulip, scorpion, braided, among others.

You can also choose to smoke your joint using a filter, these will not only help you hold the joint but also offer you a better airflow. You can also practice your skills by making filters of different models, in the shape of a heart, spiral, star, among others.

3- Mix your Mary Jane with other herbs

If you want to try something different when smoking your buds, perhaps a good idea is to mix your mary jane with other herbs that are not harmful and look good with the bud.

You see, there are herbs that can make your marijuana cigarette burn slower or improve the flavor of your buds. Make sure you choose the right herbs to combine in your joint and start small. Some users mix their Mary Jane with herbs like mint, lavender, eucalyptus, among others.

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