Get to know the different sizes of rolling papers

Written by on 8 August, 2020

Although there are several popular methods in the cannabis industry such as vaporizers and edibles to enjoy marijuana, there is nothing like smoking a good joint.

As you know, to roll your joint you will need to choose a suitable paper, which can be made from different materials such as wood pulp, rice or hemp.

You can also find these papers in different sizes, and in this post, we’ll talk about the most common ones:

1- Regular

This is one of the smallest rolling paper sizes available, usually measuring approximately 69×37 mm. They are ideal for smoking alone.

2- Size 1 ¼

This type of paper measures approximately 44x77mm, similar to the measurements of a cigarette. They are perfect for sharing with a small group of 2-3 people.  They also allow you to roll in a cone shape.

3- Size 1½

This size of paper is usually the same length as size 1 paper ¼, but they are usually wider, about 60 or 62mm.

Because they are a little wider, they are made with a thicker paper to be more resistant, and they are slightly easier to roll.

4- King Size and King Slims

The king size is one of the largest paper sizes you will find, these are about 108×44mm, in some brands can vary the size, can be a little bigger or smaller.

This type of paper will allow you to roll longer cone shaped tubes. They are ideal for smoking in a group, in the company of your friends.

They also come in a King Slim version of approximately 105-110mm long and 42-46mm wide, so they are usually thinner.




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