Get “high” this Christmas with a delicious chocolate nougat

Written by on 21 December, 2020

During the season, tables full of delicious dishes cannot be missing, from baked turkeys, exquisite salads to irresistible sweets are enjoyed during the Christmas holidays.

If you live in Argentina or in another country of America, surely nougat is always present in this special season. This dessert is delicious and very easy to prepare, and if you add the magic touch of cannabis, you will enjoy a fantastic psychoactive experience.

Stay with us and know how to make a chocolate nougat with puffed rice. Of course, don’t forget the marijuana!

You will need it:

-150 gr. of dark chocolate.
-150 gr. of milk chocolate.
-40 gr. of cannabic butter.
-60 gr. of puffed rice.

Steps to follow:

1- The first thing you must do is to cut the chocolates. Then melt the dark chocolate, the milk chocolate and the marijuana butter in a bain-marie until they are completely melted.

2- Stir the mixture from time to time; you can do it with the help of a spatula.

3- When the mixture is homogeneous, proceed to add the puffed rice. Stir well to incorporate all the ingredients.

4- Then, in a nougat or chocolate mold, pour the cannabic mixture and put it in the refrigerator to be refrigerated for at least two hours.

That’s it, it’s easy, just serve and enjoy this cannabic dessert. You’ll love it! Just keep in mind that they are marijuana edible so go slowly.


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