Get a perfect 420 smoke session with these tips

Written by on 5 September, 2022

If you are a marijuana lover you will know that there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the weed, relaxing on the couch and traveling to space, well, to achieve this, it is ideal that you plan your smoke session so that everything goes perfect.

Whether you are going to smoke your Mary Jane alone or with a couple of friends, we recommend you to keep reading this post, because we will tell you some tips to make your cannabis experience more enjoyable.

1- Choose a comfortable place

The environment where you smoke your weed can greatly affect your high, so it is advisable to choose a place where you feel calm and comfortable.

If you planned your smoke session at home, an ideal place to start taking a few puffs of your joint might be your bedroom. If you like to be discreet then it is the ideal place.

2- Avoid rolling your joint too loosely or tautly

Rolling perfect cannabis joints is an art that not everyone masters, don’t worry, if you practice you will soon get there.

Well, as a rule, your joint should not be too tight as you will find it difficult to get proper hits, and it should not be too loose either as your joint will be consumed too quickly.

3- Have your snacks ready

As you may know, smoking a joint or a blunt not only gets you high or relaxes you, it can also make you hungry, and so you don’t want to be without snacks when the cravings start.

A perfect snack to calm the “munchies” is to have healthy snacks; carrots for example are great to snack on while you’re high.

4- Choose the best strain

An excellent smoke session of course starts with a good marijuana strain, so when you plan your smoke 20 remember to add in your list to get some buds with abundant resin, a nice taste and an incredible effect.

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