Get a cleaner smoke when you smoke your weed

Written by on 4 June, 2022

Generally, many cannabis users prefer to enjoy their weed by smoking a good joint. If this is your case, you will know that when you burn your Mary Jane at high temperatures, many harmful chemicals, such as tar, are produced.

Well, to get a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience here are a few tips that will surely be very useful. You will notice the difference!

Use an activated charcoal filter for your joints

An excellent alternative to enjoy a cleaner smoke but without giving up smoking your precious joints is to use an active carbon filter.

You see, there are many brands of this product that you can choose. For example, Mascotte charcoal filters contain activated carbon between two ceramic caps, which will filter tar, burnt particles and other unwanted material from your smoke. The best part is that they fit any rolling papers and will not have a negative impact on the flavor or high of your joint.

Forget Tobacco

A very simple tip to ensure that the smoke you inhale is much cleaner is to forget about anything other than your precious buds.

Many smokers like to combine their cannabis flowers with tobacco, but if you want a different experience, it’s time to leave tobacco behind.

Grow your own Mary Jane

There are many places where you can get good quality marijuana. However, you always run the risk that your flowers may not have been dried properly or that the growers may have put certain chemicals on it to make it look more potent.

In this circumstance, it is likely that more than once you have experienced a scratchy feeling in your throat. Well, to avoid that situation, the best thing to do is to plant your own pot.

If you plant your own Mary Jane, you can make sure that you comply with all the growing processes in addition to ensuring proper drying and curing. When smoking your marijuana you will notice the difference as your buds will produce a smooth and delicious smoke, so grow it now!

Final Considerations

In addition to the tips mentioned above, keeping your smoking accessories clean is also a practical way to ensure that your next smoke will be much cleaner.

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