Factors that can affect your high

Written by on 8 October, 2022

At the time of consuming cannabis, each person decides the method, the variety of marijuana that wishes and the effect that it wants to obtain, there are people who prefer a smooth high, and there are others like to feel a buzz.

Although you have everything you need to enjoy your cannabis, sometimes things may not go as you expect, and that may be due to certain aspects that you should take into account. So, look at this post and learn about some factors that can affect your experience.

1- Method of consumption

In the cannabis world, there are many popular methods to enjoy marijuana, such as smoking, vaping, eating among others. Each form of administration offers particular characteristics.

For example, the eatable ones are a method that hits more strongly in comparison with others like smoking, and their effects take in manifesting, reason why always it is recommended to go calmly.

It is ideal that you know how each method of consumption can affect you so that you can control how high you want to fly.

2- The dose

Dose is another factor that can affect your high. The dosage can be complicated for example with edibles or with a new strain. It is advisable to start with less quantity, until you get the exact point. Too little may not feel like anything and too much may leave you sunk in the couch.

In addition, it is ideal, as we mentioned previously, that you know the characteristics of each method of consumption since with some it is usually easier to control the dose.

3- The environment

That’s right, surely at some time you have felt that you smoke the same plant on different days, and experience very different sensations. In fact, the environment plays a crucial role. When this happens to you, remember what your mood like was at that time, what was your environment like before you smoked?

Because different scenarios can greatly affect your high. It is important to consider your comfort level before indulging.
Knowing your environment will let you know where it is convenient to smoke and which one works best for you.

4- Cannabinoid profile

Knowing the profile of cannabinoids that contain your plants, is a very viable way to know how their components can affect your high.
For example, there are people who prefer those strains that contain THC, and enjoy the maximum of its effects, while others seek to feel the effects of CBD.

It is ideal that you know how each cannabinoid makes you feel, and this generally requires some experimentation.

When you have your cannabis be sure to inform yourself about the proportions of cannabinoids that contain your plants, so that then you do not take a surprise.

5- Tolerance

Each person is different; therefore, each one can tolerate the cannabis of different form. There are people who can tolerate stronger effects than others can. In addition, factors, like the frequency of consumption also can influence.

At the end of the day, only you can determine what your tolerance is, and in doing so, you will have the power to decide the type of effect you want and the amount of cannabis that is right for you.

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