Everything you need to know about rolling papers

Written by on 26 February, 2021

If you are one of those users who love to smoke their cannabis, then you will know that rolling papers are a fundamental element to assemble your joint.

Well, although there are many alternatives with which you can roll your cannabis, rolling papers undoubtedly make all the difference. Follow us and learn everything you need to know about them.

1- The gumming

After assembling your joint, you need it to stick to stay firm, well, each of the papers you use contains a gummed strip on one of its edges that you should moisten with your tongue to then seal your marijuana cigarette.

In general, the most commonly used adhesive is based 100% on gum arabic, a product that provides a secure and very natural hold.

2- Combustion of the rolling papers

The burning speed of your rolling papers is quite an important aspect to take into account. You see, some users are interested in slower combustion for a longer lasting experience.

There are rolling papers that contain additives with retardant effects for a slower burn and a slower smoke, while others include accelerants for a faster smoke.

3- Sizes

Just as you can find rolling papers made of different materials such as rice, hemp and wood pulp, you can also get them in different sizes. Their main formats are:

– Regular: it is considered one of the smallest rolling papers; its approximate size is 69×37 mm.

– Size 1 ¼: This type of rolling papers measure approximately 44×77 mm, similar to the size of a cigarette and the best thing is that they allow you to roll in the shape of a cone.

– King Size: this is one of the largest paper sizes, you will find, measuring around 108×44mm. In addition, depending on the brand you can get them a little bigger or smaller.


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