Does holding the puffs give you a bigger high?

Written by on 12 April, 2020

Do you think that holding the smoke for a long time, you get more high? Do you do it because you see your friends doing it?

We invite you to read the following post carefully, to know the answer and find out if what you have been doing is true or not?

Does it give you a bigger high?

Unfortunately, that’s not how you think it is. The lungs can transfer gas in very small amounts, at a nanosecond level. According to some sources, 95% of all THC is absorbed almost immediately upon inhalation.

Why do I feel that if it intensifies the high?

By holding in the smoke, you may feel it hitting you harder, but what really happens is that you are depriving your brain of oxygen, which makes you feel somewhat dizzy or lightheaded. Add to this the carbon monoxide and toxins from the combustion and the feeling of dizziness is intensified.

The longer you hold your breath, the faster your heart rate increases. The blood is pumped faster to compensate for the low oxygen levels. Another symptom of oxygen deprivation is a tingling sensation on the face or skin, often falsely associated with an increased high.

The real high

If you want to feel a higher or deeper high, the answer is simple. Smoke more marijuana or smoke strains that are more potent. You can also try concentrates. If you really want to get a higher level of psychotropic euphoria, try groceries. Just be careful; they can get you high in different ways and are usually pretty potent.

Another option is to try vaporization or dabbing concentrates. These are the least harmful methods of inhaling THC and other cannabinoids.

That’s it! Just smoke more MOTA and you’ll get more high, more euphoria and creativity to your liking.

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