Does Cannabis help relieve menstrual pain and menopause?

Written by on 7 May, 2020

Many women suffer every month with their menstrual cycle, due to aches and pains from this process. Perhaps this post is the best solution to all your menstrual discomfort.

Most women, varying in age from teenagers to adults, suffer from menstruation every month. Even when the famous “Menopause” is present, which many are afraid of or don’t know how to handle. All women will go through menopause at some point in their lives, from about age 51 or maybe 40.

In this case, cannabis may be the solution to your ailments and the changes that menopause brings. In this way, you will be able to lead a calmer, healthier and stress-free life.


Many women, from Queen Victoria to modern-day smokers, have used cannabis preparations to reduce menstrual pain, although topically applied cannabis (such as creams, gels, oils and so on) is known not to reach the bloodstream but to provide local relief. This means that even if you apply a THC-rich topical product to your skin, it will not cause a high.

This makes topical cannabis preparations a more viable option for many women seeking relief from menstrual pain or cramps.

Dr. Ethan Russo states: “As we will see, the role of cannabis as an herbal remedy in obstetrics and gynecological diseases is ancient, but it will be surprising mainly because of its scope and prevalence”. The two have long histories together. After all, the fact that women have been using marijuana for centuries cannot be accidental.

Naturally, not all women experience the same premenstrual symptoms, and the severity of these symptoms can vary depending on genetics and environmental factors such as stress. Here too, there are good arguments in favor of cannabis to alleviate many of these symptoms, just as there are with the pains and cramps produced during the cycle. These include changes in mood, general malaise, and insomnia, among others.


Menopause occurs when a woman stops having her menstrual cycle. This experience is the result of a genetically programmed loss of follicles in the ovaries. It can also occur when the ovaries are surgically removed.

Pain: is another symptom associated with this natural process that all women go through as adults. Hormones fluctuate and, consequently, so does the menstruation cycle and that’s where migraines and cramps appear. In this sense, one of the most powerful qualities of CBD is that it is an incredibly effective painkiller. A cannabinoid treatment is a perfect potential alternative to treat the symptoms of menopause.

Another symptom of decreased estrogen hormone production is bone loss. Estrogen plays a key role in bone growth and repair. A deficiency of this hormone causes bone loss and erosion.

In 2009, a study found that cannabinoid receptors within our bodies directly affect bone formation. This means that a treatment with cannabinoids could be successful in reversing bone loss and preventing things like osteoporosis.

Insomnia: may also be due to the obstructive nature of the other symptoms of menopause. If a woman feels severe pain, hot flashes, or chills during the night, it may prevent her from getting adequate rest. In this sense, CBD has been found to be a potential treatment for insomnia. Therefore, with well-planned treatment and the right ratio of THC to CBD, it is possible to adjust your sleep pattern and remedy insomnia.

You already know the advantages of CBD for menstrual relief or menopause.  Similarly, CBD is beneficial for many types of ailments and other disorders.

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