Do you want to smoke in an easier and more fun way? Create your fruit pipe

Written by on 1 May, 2020

We have a quick and easy smoking option for you! Only by using a rich and sweet “Apple”, you will smoke in a more natural and fun way. It’s also an option when you forget your pipe, bongs or vaporizer – it will get you out of trouble!

Fruit Pipe?

Apple pipes are a fun and practical way to smoke cannabis. Apples are one of the most consumed and accessible fruits in the world, and can easily be converted into smoking devices. There are also other options such as “Pineapple and Cucumber”.

What do you need?

– 1 apple

– 1 pen or pencil

– 1 bit of tin foil.

How do I do it?

Before you start, make sure you choose a fresh apple that won’t fall apart. You’ll punch holes in it, so it has to hold.

1- Nail the pen to the apple to create a tunnel from the top (stem) to the middle point of the apple.

2- Use the pen to create another tunnel on one side of the apple. This tunnel must be connected to the central tunnel, providing unrestricted airflow.

3- Line the natural mold of the apple where the stem came out with aluminum foil to act as a bowl.

4- Make holes in the aluminum foil to allow airflow.

5- Place your weed on top of the aluminum foil, turn it on and pull it through the side hole.

READY! Now you can use your fruit pipe #handmade and enjoy a good MOTA.


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