Do you want to mix different varieties of cannabis? Follow these tips

Written by on 17 October, 2020

In the world of the marijuana there are many varieties that you can choose to fly high and that can offer you a great quantity of incredible flavors and aromas, therefore, it is probable that in some moment you have thought about combining some of these.

It is ideal that before putting you to mix your strains of cannabis, you take into account some advices that we are going to present you so that you avoid a bad experience. Look at this post.

Why to mix strains of marijuana?

Generally, many smokers decide to combine different strains for several reasons, one of them is to improve the flavor or to harness the effects of their varieties. It all depends on what you are looking for.

To obtain the indicated mixture is a process that requires of experimentation, but if you find the perfect combination, it will have been worth the trouble.

Tips to combine your strains

1- Know your varieties

If you mix two strains of cannabis at random it might work, however, if you are looking for a specific effect or taste, it is recommended that you know well the characteristics of each variety you are going to use.

For example, one of the factors that you must take in account of each plant is its profile of terpenes, because these components are responsible for giving them the flavor and aroma to your flowers. The ideal is to choose plants that complement each other.

2- Do it at home

Before you prepare to combine the different varieties of cannabis that you have chosen, it is ideal that you are at home, and if not, then that it is in a place where you feel safe, remember that you are mixing different plants, and you can get to experience effects that you had never felt before.

3- Start with a few puffs

Regardless of whether you are smoking a joint or vaporizing, as you are just experimenting with your different strains of marijuana, the ideal is that you consume less than the usual dose, while you try the effect little by little.


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