Do you know what twaxing is?

Written by on 19 May, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are still many things to explore. This industry is growing more and more, because of some flexibilities with respect to its legislation, which has allowed certain facilities for the exploration of this particular plant.

Similarly, methods and techniques to enhance the experiences of cannabis users have also increased. That is why, on this occasion, we will talk to you about twaxing, don’t you know what it is, well, find out with us.

What is twaxing?

This method of consumption has gained quite a lot of popularity and basically, consists of using some concentrate of cannabis to increase the potency of a bong, a joint, a blunt or a bowl with marijuana bud, causing a strong high.

Different concentrates

As we have already told you, you can use different concentrates such as hashish or just kif to apply them in different ways: inside a joint, outside, at the tip or between marijuana flowers, as well as wrapping shatter around a joint.

Is twaxing better than any other method?

Actually, this is a very subjective answer, as it all depends on your tastes and preferences. Each of the forms of consumption offers different experiences and of course, advantages and disadvantages.

For example, with the use of dabbing you can get a cleaner steam than twaxing smoke but particularly with twaxing you can have, when smoking, the inhalation of more substances and thicker smoke.


These methods are not recommended for beginners, but rather for more experienced cannabis users. So be careful.



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