DaVinci IQ2: A portable vaporizer that produces delicious steam

Written by on 22 May, 2020

Want to find a product that you can take anywhere when it gives you a little bit of marijuana, also gives you a tasty mist? Well, call off your search because the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer can give you that and more.

Yes, just as you are reading, this new version of the original IQ, which came out in 2016, is re-boosted to make your cannabis experience even better. It will become your favorite, so look at its features.

The IQ2 is easy to use; with the Smart Path mode, you have the option of four preset temperature range programs that raise the temperature as you go.

It is also easy to fill, just add the ground marijuana to the bottom of the device and gently push it straight into the oven.

Sleek look

This product is attractive, its colors and the brushed aluminum body stand out among other vaporizers.

It will give you a touch of elegance, but the IQ2 is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. On the inside, the oven has a glass lining and the steam path and the “Pearl” are made of zirconia.

It has a replaceable 18650 battery, which lasts about one hour of continuous use and takes about 6 hours to charge.

Fast and satisfying steam

As we mentioned at the beginning, you will be delighted with the steam that this product offers. With a heating time of less than a minute, the clouds of IQ2 are fast and delicious. This steamer allows you to adjust the amount of fresh air that comes in with each stroke.

Like the previous IQ, this new version has a “flavor chamber” that cools the steam and can function as a small storage container.

Dose control

The IQ2 allows you to measure how much you have consumed and even set alerts when you have reached the desired limit.

The smartphone application (Android), which comes with it, will also help you control the dosage.


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