How to calm an excess of THC?

Written by on 17 April, 2020

If you’ve overdone it and don’t know how to control it? Do you have a super intense high and don’t know how to reduce it? Here we help you to control these over-the-top highs that you haven’t experienced before.

The following information will help you get out of those intense experiences, where you don’t know what to do.

Although time is the only sure-fire way to rid your body of THC, there are several effective solutions for reducing the effects of marijuana use.


Consider the following:

– It’s always a good idea to hydrate after using cannabis, especially if it’s a large amount. In addition to relieving the classic dry mouth, water and other liquids keep the body’s defenses in good condition and increase the feeling of alertness. The same goes for food.

– Smelling or chewing black pepper has an almost instantaneous calming effect on the consequences of THC. In fact, there is real evidence to support the relationship between pepper and herb, according to researcher Ethan Russo, who talks about this combination.

– Stay on the couch, watch TV or listen to music, while others prefer to enjoy socializing or focusing their attention on family and friends. Distractions can take up your time between the peak of THC’s effects and the time when they disappear.

– Taking a cold shower is ideal for taking attention away from your body and mind from the high. Although it may sound surprising, a cold shower is a proven way to relieve it. Although it does not reduce the THC level in the blood, cold water stimulates the senses.

– A good 30-45 minute break should be enough to make anyone feel more sober and refreshed. You can also do yoga and work on your breathing, it is a good ally.

We hope you take into account these tips, ideal for when you are over the top, can decrease it calmly, and relaxed, without worrying!

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