Common mistakes made by novice smokers

Written by on 29 November, 2022

Smoking cannabis either in a blunt, joint, pipe or bong can be an excellent experience, well the truth is that each of these methods can offer you various advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on what each consumer is looking for.

Learning how to use them is very important to avoid mistakes. Well if you are beginner in the subject of the consumption of cannabis it is much easier to make errors, but you do not worry that always you can choose to investigate a little.

In function of it, in this occasion we will speak to you of three common errors that usually have the novice smokers.

1) Filling the joint with saliva

It’s important to know that you don’t have to lick the joint to enjoy it. If you have been invited to smoke a joint in a group, one of the most unpleasant things about sharing a joint is that you leave it full of saliva. This is a common mistake.

2) Not having a good grinder

You can’t make this mistake. Every cannabis lover must have within his accessories a good grinder. Keep in mind that this can mark the difference between enjoying a good or bad experience. In addition, you can acquire one that gives you the possibility to accumulate the Kief that you will be able to use later.

3) Not to hydrate well

When smoking cannabis one of the most horrible things is to feel the dryness of the mouth. Try to stay well hydrated at all times: before, during and after smoking.


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