Chilum: One of the oldest forms of marijuana smoking

Written by on 27 April, 2020

Maybe you’re one of those smokers who never used the Chilum because it’s an old-school pipe. This traditional pipe is considered one of the best ways to enjoy marijuana, especially among older smokers who remember those moments of glory.

The Chilum is a straight, conical pipe of unknown origin that is traditionally used to smoke cannabis and opium. Its use dates back to the 18th century and the sacred ascetics of India (Sadhus) and Hindu monks of the Himalayan region. The ascetics would raise the pipe to their foreheads, after lighting it, and invite Shiva and other gods to come and enjoy the pleasures of their abundant hashish with them.

This ancient pipe, became popular among Western cigar makers in the 1960s. It helped to create a feeling of unity and family when they smoked, which made it an essential element among friends. Chilums are still very popular among the smokers of that generation, although they have fallen somewhat into oblivion with the young, due to the over-saturation of smoking accessories in the market. But now, it’s back in fashion.



Although its very basic design, especially when compared to other more modern pipes and bongs, the use of a Chilum provides a very different experience. Its shape and size allow for rapid cooling and a great accumulation of smoke. This results in a very delicate experience and a more powerful high than with a conventional pipe. In addition, the longer the chilum, the greater the effect of the smoke.



You need about 0.5-1.5g of hashish and enough tobacco to make a normal cigarette. Sprouts can also be used, but traditionally hashish is used. You have to crumble the tobacco, add the hashish, and mix it all together by hand, and then place it in the chilum bowl above the top.

To smoke with the chilum, place a filter over the mouthpiece, heat the bowl, and take a few puffs followed by a deep inhalation.

Be sure to clean the chilum well after each use, so that it does not absorb any residual smoke and that the taste of future sessions is fresh and unadulterated.

Chilum comes in different types: glass, wood, steatite, and clay. In spite of being old, it has evolved. A glass chilum is much more effective in cooling the smoke and easier to clean than a wooden one. While the wooden chilum is much more colorful and traditional.

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