Cavi Cone: a joint that takes you to the next level

Written by on 18 December, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are methods to enjoy the delicious buds for that you spent weeks working. There are those who prefer the eatable ones, others the concentrated ones, but without a doubt, one of the methods of consumption more used, are the joints.

Well, if you are also a reefer fan, surely you have heard about the Cavi Cone, if not, don’t worry, we will tell you about it right away, so make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

What is a Cavi Cone?

If you haven’t heard comments about Cavi Cones, you probably have smoked one in some meeting with your friends, without realizing it, but what’s more… Cavi Cones are a prelied joint that takes you to the next level, whose content is much more than just buds.

The Cavi Cones are loaded with a mixture of products based on cannabis: a rich bud, concentrated cannabis in the form of wax or oil, and kief.

This combination of ingredients considerably increases the potency of the final product, so it is perfect for more experienced consumers. In fact, premium brand Cavi Cones can contain a THC level of over 50%.

Intense flavor

Well, if you thought this was great, we’ll tell you that this joint is not only powerful, but also produces a smoke with a more intense flavor than conventional joints, probably due to the combination of so many terpenes and textures.

For a better experience, you can look for Cavi Cones with natural added flavors like grape, apple and orange.

Caviar Gold

These cones were originally produced by the cannabis company Caviar Gold, and over time, as this product became popular, dispensaries and other cannabis companies began making their own versions, but under the same name.



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