Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Written by on 28 April, 2020

If you’re looking for something that will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and set all year round, you’ve hit the nail on the head. In the next post we’ll talk about it.

We all like a good drink. With these recipes, you will be able to enjoy your favorite drink with a touch of marijuana!

Cannabis drinks can be made in several ways: using cannabis butter, other edible infusions or simply with kief. When consuming drinks with cannabis, it is important to do so in moderation, as these are strong drinks and can be more potent than they appear.


We start with everyone’s favorite or many: The coffee


  1. Coffee with Cannabis: It is the way to start the day of the modern man and woman. If you wake up wanting to give a creative twist to the day, coffee is the best choice. It combines the energy of coffee with the creative energy of grass, which can expand your mind. It’s easy to do; for a smoother blend, just sprinkle some kief in your breakfast cup and start your day.


Choose a variety that is stimulating, energetic and cerebral. Think Sativa dominant, rather than Indica. A good dose of CBD will help to bring you into a ‘flowering state’ to keep up the pace.


  1. Marijuana tea: You can use this recipe for any kind of tea, from herbal to green. Choose the one you like best, pick a type of fat and get ready to drink some tea.


And once again, the choice of strain is key. Choose a strain with effects that complement those of your chosen tea: a strain like Northern Lights will go well with a relaxing infusion like chamomile, while a strain with a brain-teasing and stimulating effect, like White Widow, will be more suitable with a more energetic type of tea, like green or black.


  1. Cannabis Shake: On a hot day, there is nothing richer than a nice glass of fresh shake. And the recipe is very versatile: you can make a fruity shake, a vegan shake or a chocolate shake.


If you prefer fruit smoothies, the Fruity Jack is a high-quality option, giving your summer the inspiration of sativa dominance, accompanied by sweet flavors to complement the fruity side of the smoothie. If you’re more into vanilla or chocolate, Mr. Spice is a balanced strain from Hawaii that will add an exotic touch to your summer fun.


  1. Cannabis milk: a simple and delicious recipe made with cheaper ingredients. It can be taken daily and is so simple that it can be easily dosed. Cannabis milk is versatile and you can combine it with any variety you like. If you are preparing a large batch, make sure your cannabis milk stays fresh and tasty by putting it in the fridge.


You have 4 options for a high in hot or cold weather. Which one do you want to make?

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