Cannabis edibles don’t get you high… Find out why

Written by on 15 October, 2022

Cannabis edibles are one of the many methods used by users to get high with marijuana.

This alternative in addition to giving you a stronger high compared to other forms of consumption such as smoking, it also gives you a longer lasting experience.

Some people get high with just a few puffs, but others don’t even feel the slightest hint of a high Is this the case for you? If so, then keep reading this post, we’ll tell you some reasons why this may be happening.

3 reasons why edibles might not get you high

1- Your buds are not decarboxylated

A basic principle for cooking with marijuana is precisely decarboxylation. You see, this process consists of applying enough heat to your Mary Jane to activate the cannabinoids present in it.

Forgetting to decarboxylate the pot is usually one of the most common mistakes, therefore, when it comes to tasting your cannabis dishes you won’t experience anything.

Carrying out the decarboxylation process is very easy, just place your shredded buds on a tray and put it in the oven at a temperature of 110°C for about 45 minutes. Be sure to stir the marijuana every 15 minutes.

2- The dosage is very low

When consuming marijuana edibles, it is always recommended to start with small portions as the effects take time to manifest and it is very likely that you will make the mistake of eating more than you should. However, if the doses are too low, you probably won’t feel the effects of your weed.

If you are a veteran in the use of cannabis edibles, you will surely know how to calculate the right dose for you, but if you are just starting out, the recommended dose is between 5 to 10mg of THC per portion.

3- You consumed edibles with CBD by mistake

As you know, CBD is the non-psychotropic cannabinoid in marijuana, so if you have consumed any food rich in this component, you will most likely not experience the high you want.

It is ideal that before preparing your cannabis dishes you choose a strain of marijuana rich in THC or if you are going to buy your edibles, consult with the store clerk about the product you want to make sure you are going to get high.

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