Cannabis distillates: a very potent product with high THC levels

Written by on 8 January, 2021

When it comes to enjoying marijuana, there are powerful alternatives you can choose from to get high.

One of the options that will surely be present in your list of favorite products are the cannabis distillates, these will undoubtedly offer you much stronger and more effective experiences.  Read on…

Marijuana Distillates

Cannabis distillates are the purest concentrates you will find in the cannabis market.

Yes, that’s right, unlike the production of other extracts (where there is a risk of solvent or plant residues remaining in the final product) cannabis distillate is the result of a process that can allow up to 99% potency and purity of cannabinoids.

Cannabis distillates will give you some of the outstanding characteristics of concentrates, but with a much higher potency.


Generally, the biggest criticism that receives the distillation of cannabis is that terpenes are usually destroyed during the production process; however, you can extract these compounds separately, and then infuse them into the mixture once both processes are completed.

Final considerations

Did the cannabis distillates attract your attention? Well, we imagine that yes, but listen be careful when ingesting this product, remember that they are powerful and the idea is that you do not have one to the trip.

With the cannabis distillates, you will experience an unbeatable high!

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