Bong vs. Joint. What is the best way to smoke cannabis?

Written by on 22 February, 2021

When it comes to smoking marijuana, there are different alternatives that users can choose from to enjoy their weed.

Some smokers prefer to roll their joint, while others prefer to use a bong, but which of these is the best way to smoke? Well, keep reading this article, we will tell you some aspects you should take into account to decide on one.

1- Which one burns slower?

When it comes to burning speed, joints can come out on top when compared to bongs. A joint generally lasts longer than lighting up a bong.

For your joints to burn slower, you need to take into account certain aspects such as choosing quality buds, using unbleached rolling papers, among others.

2- Portability and discretion

If you are one of those users who like to smoke their Mary Jane anywhere, you are probably interested in using a method of consumption that offers portability and sometimes discretion.

Well, joints are definitely the option you are looking for, as they are easier to carry than a bong, and they attract less attention than these devices.

3- Which smoking method gets you the most high?

For many this question is the most important. Between the bong and the joint, which one will make you fly more?

Well, in this section perhaps the bong has more advantage over the joint. You see, when you use a bong you will need less cannabis to achieve the same state or higher than when you smoke with a joint. In fact, with a bong you have the opportunity to inhale more smoke in one puff.

Final considerations

Mentioning which of the two methods of getting high is the best will really depend on yourself and that you are looking for. Regardless of which alternative you choose, the important thing is to enjoy the smoke.

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