¡BEGINNERS! Marijuana Smoking Tips

Written by on 12 April, 2020

If you’re a beginner and still not sure how to smoke or get extra high? Pay attention to this post, which is very interesting and will serve you well for your first experiences.

Smoking marijuana for the first time is a unique experience that can captivate anyone. Not only that, but you will also be able to know and take advantage of the benefits of this powerful plant.

Our Tips:

1.- Vaporizers and joints are perhaps the simplest methods by which to start, they give you a great high. Followed by, a glass pipe allows for greater control of your marijuana dosage, and you get a perfect draft. The next and slightly more difficult one, the bong, these water pipes are more cumbersome, but allow more smoke to build up in the chamber. This offers larger puffs and superior effects. So, you must be careful not to exceed it.

2.- When smoking, use one gram of marijuana bud for your first session. This allows you to fill up several pipes or roll a couple of small joints if you prefer. In fact, one gram may be enough for several initiation shots. Once you know your tolerance, you can purchase larger quantities.

3.- Smoking is best enjoyed in the company of friends, especially when you are just starting out. If you smoke alone, cannabis can provoke contemplative or intense experiences, while if you smoke with friends it usually causes more relaxed effects. If you feel nervous or anxious, having a group of experienced smokers can help you feel better.

4.- Your first time smoking a joint simply won’t be complete without some delicious snacks. The snacks are very attractive once you get high. It is important to stay hydrated while smoking. Water is the safe bet.

5.- If you get too high, don’t panic! Just drink water or eat some snacks. Relax and stay calm, this way it will stop or if you prefer another solution is to take a deep breath and try to fall asleep, time will pass and the effects will stop.

Smoke your joint for the first time, pass it “high” and follow MOTA’s tips.

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