Bad trip when consuming cannabis: What is it? How to avoid it?

Written by on 11 June, 2022

As everything smokes most surely it is that you love to smoke some good buds rich in THC or to prepare some delicious eatable psychoactive ones.

Independently of the method that you choose to consume cannabis, of which one is to enjoy the mota. Nevertheless, it is probable that in some opportunity, you have experienced a “bad trip”, but you do not worry, to all we have happened to us. Keep reading this post and know some tips to avoid it.

What is a bad trip?

When you use cannabis you can experience a brain effect or a great relaxing high, however, you can also feel a less pleasant sensation. We are talking precisely about what is known as “bad trip”.

The bad trip of cannabis is a psychedelic crisis that can be pronounced through an ample range of symptoms like slight episodes of anxiety or paranoia, distressed hallucinations, pallor, sweating, among others.

As such, the exact causes that cause a bad trip are not known, but many relate it to the amount of marijuana that is smoked, the concentration of THC, the chosen variety and even the surroundings that surround them.

How to avoid it

As we mentioned, a bad trip can happen for several reasons, that’s why, here we will give you some general advice that will help you avoid it.

Well, an important factor to avoid that your experience with the mota is ruined is to make sure that when you smoke cannabis your environment is pleasant, with people who are not going to overwhelm you and in a safe place. This way, it will be more difficult for a situation to arise that could induce a bad trip with the marijuana.

It always begins with small puffs, this way you will be able to taste the land, until obtaining the ideal dose. Remember that each smoker is different so choosing the right dose for you can make a difference.

It is also ideal to make sure you eat well and stay hydrated throughout the session. Also, get enough sleep. If you experience a bad trip, it’s best to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible.

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