Are you looking for a bong? Meet the most common designs

Written by on 6 September, 2020

If you are one of the cannabis users who prefers the bong as a method of consumption and you are looking to acquire one, this post will be of great help. You will see, currently there is a great variety of bongs available in the market, which vary in size, colors, material with which they are manufactured and in their design.

In this opportunity, we want to talk to you, precisely, about some of the most common designs of bongs. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading. You will be interested.

The most common bongs are:

1) Straight Pipe Bongs

This model has an extremely simple design, because as its name suggests, basically, this bong consists of a straight tube with a bowl and a stem. In addition, they are usually easy to clean.

2) Round base bong

Like the straight pipe bongs, the name of this device also refers to its design, which in this particular case has a spherical base. This bong looks like a typical science class instrument.

3) Multi-chamber bong

These bongs may have two or more chambers, which are connected by another chamber or tube. Both chambers contain water, filtering the smoke twice. Some of the drawbacks of these bongs are their difficulty in cleaning and the price.

4) Percolator bong

Percolator bongs, also known as bubbler bongs, are often expensive and complicated to clean. This model contains a percolator, a type of filter that creates a bubbling effect. In the trickles, the smoke is dissipated.

This model of bong offers soft draughts. Some of these have several percolators, offering an ultra-filtered smoke.

5) Bong with carburetor

Carburetor bongs are those bongs that have a small hole near the bowl. This hole is precisely called a carburetor hole that is usually located in a central place on the bong so that you can cover it and discover it with your finger in a simple way at the right time. When you remove your finger from the carburetor, fresh air enters the bong.

6) Flask bong

The chamber of this bong is shaped like a flask (or beaker). The base is large and flat, which gives it greater stability. The width of its base reduces the risk of it falling when it is on the table or another surface.

Final considerations:

As we have mentioned before there are many bongs on the market. Therefore, these are just some of the most popular bongs.  In order for you to choose the best bong for you, we recommend that you go deeper into how these devices work, as well as find out more about their advantages and disadvantages, as some are easier to use than others, so more experience is required in some cases.

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