Alternatives for storing a rolled joint

Written by on 23 October, 2021

As all smokers, you might want to save some joints that are already rolled for later, but do you know how to keep them properly? If the answer is no, don’t worry, here are some alternatives for you to learn how to keep them and to keep them fresh. Pay attention!

1- Plastic bags with hermetic seal

These bags are one of the most used storage alternatives to keep the joints rolled and fresh. If they are tightly closed, you will prevent air and moisture from entering, and protect it from mold.

The downside of this method is that these bags don’t offer much protection to your joint when you have to transport it.

If you keep your joint half-smoked you must make sure it is completely extinguished, otherwise it will burn the plastic of the bag.

2- Cigar tubes

These types of tubes keep your cigars fresh, so if you keep your joints rolled here, they are sure to stay as fresh as you like. These tubes are long, so it will work well to transport your joints without having to worry.

3- Pill cans

This might be a good place to store your joints, most of these cans will allow you to keep small and wide joints. Just like the lozenges, this type of canister will protect your rolled joint from moisture.

How long is it ideal to store a rolled joint?

Your rolled joints can be kept for a long times, so if the mota you used has dried out, and healed properly.

Storing your rolled joint in an airtight container will increase its shelf life and keep it fresh and tasty for when you want to light and smoke it.

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