Advantages of using an electric dabbing rig

Written by on 5 June, 2020

The rig for dabs is one of the most popular methods of getting high, with this device you can turn a concentrate of cannabis into a powerful vapor that you inhale similar to you would with a bong.

Nowadays dabs equipment has evolved, it is time to leave behind the standard rig, the one where you have to heat the nail with a blowtorch, and try alternatives like the electric dabs or e-rig rigs.

These electric nails offer you several benefits, are you interested in knowing which ones? Well, stay with us.

Advantages of the e-rig

If you choose this alternative you can also enjoy a strong vapor as with the standard method, but the e-rig is less dangerous because you do not have to handle a torch and expose yourself to fire.

With this method, you can control the heating time and temperature at the touch of a button. You’ll enjoy a smooth, quality puff and be sure to release the taste and smell of certain terpenes in your marijuana.

The portability and design offered by these devices will make everything easier and more comfortable for you.

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