Advantages and disadvantages of the cannabic edibles

Written by on 23 November, 2020

To enjoy the cannabis it is very important to decide the strain or variety that you are going to use, you are going to choose a sativa or you prefer some indica for a more relaxing effect.

Well, it is also essential to choose the method of consumption because, in the cannabis world, there are several ways to consume marijuana: joints, blunts, bong, pipes, concentrated and edible are some of the options.

In this opportunity, we want to speak to you of the cannabis edibles, specifically of the advantages and disadvantages.

Cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are quite popular. This method of consumption offers several advantages and disadvantages, but here we present you three of them, so continue reading.


1) Powerful and long-lasting effect

This is perhaps one of the advantages that most attracts the attention of the users of the cannabic edibles, since with this method of consumption it is possible to enjoy a powerful and lasting effect.

2) Variety of dishes

The cannabis edibles offer to the consumers ample options to them. Since almost any dessert or food can be prepared. From ice creams, to cakes, soups, sauces and drinks.

Have present that to prepare the comestibles it is necessary that the cannabis is decarboxylate, and that in the recipe some type of fat like butter or oil is included.

You can also choose to cook directly with butter or cannabic oil.

3) Discretion

When ingesting the marijuana you can feel the psychoactive effects of the cannabis without having to inhale the smoke, therefore, it is a quite discreet option of consumption, since generally they do not give off scents, good, at least that you prepare them by yourself.

It is very necessary to be careful that of somebody it is not desired of your cookies or brownies cannabic. Keep them in a suitable and safe place, so that you do not confuse them with other foods.


1) It takes time to take effect

Among the negative aspects of foodstuffs is their late effect. When you smoke a joint or use a vaporizer, the effects of THC are felt in a short time, but with the foodstuffs the opposite happens, since you must wait at least 30 minutes to two hours to feel the psychoactive sensations, and even more (everything depends on various aspects).

Therefore, if you are of those that have little patience, surely you did not like the cannabic foods.

2) The dosage is more complicated

Another drawback is dosage (even when using ready-made or homemade products). Keep in mind that THC can be distributed unevenly throughout the food or mixture, so controlling whether a high or low dose is consumed in one serving is more complicated.

In addition, you may use excessive amounts of mota when cooking.

3) It is easier to lose control

Just as you can prepare almost any dessert, food, or drink, it is much more difficult to control your portions. If you love chocolate cakes, you’re likely to over consume them, which can lead to an unpleasant experience when you overdo it.

If you buy commercial products, be careful, because you do not know what type of cannabis has been used for its production, keep in mind that many growers usually use pesticides or other chemicals in the growing. With commercial products, the dosage can also be complicated.            

Final considerations

Cannabic edibles can be delicious, but consume them with caution. Remember that the metabolism and the body of each person is different and the reaction also. There are many variables to consider.

Go little by little, with small portions and mainly have patience and wait until feeling the effect.


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