Activities you can do while you are high

Written by on 13 December, 2021

Depending on the strain of marijuana you choose, you may experience a different high, but what you while you get high can make a difference.

There are activities you can do after smoking your weed. Here, we will introduce you to some of them.

1- Meditate

Marijuana connects you with yourself and with others. This plant is perfect to help you expand your mind, and combining it with meditation is good.

Knowing how correctly combine cannabis and meditation is fundamental to elevate your experience, so start little by little and choose the most suitable cannabis strain. It is recommended to use indica strains.

2- Listen to music

After lighting, your joint, turn up the radio. The cannabis culture maintains that listening to music while smoking offers a superior experience.

Some people claim that after consuming marijuana and listening to music, they were to better the lyrics of the songs and better appreciate the sound.

3- Be creative

Many users have smoked a joint to let the ideas flow because it is believed that marijuana stimulates creative thinking.

After enjoying your joint is the perfect time for you to focus on some artistic projects. Start drawing, painting, composing music, or whatever you feel. They could end up becoming a masterpiece.

4- Go hiking

Hiking can be very good for your health, and doing it with some, cannabis can make the experience even better.

Before embarking on your adventure, remember to use durable smoking accessories, such as silicone pipes. Also, choose a quiet trail that you have already walked before, as you should avoid dangerous paths while you are “high.”

5- Take a nap

Finally, if you prefer to do something quieter, you can choose to take a nap. Yes, marijuana is ideal for sleeping, depending on the strain you use. It is worth mentioning that marijuana is prescribed, as a treatment for insomnia.

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