A fabulous hide for your Mary Jane

Written by on 6 April, 2020

Do you want to keep your precious buds safe? Or do you simply want a practical place for them? Read the following information for the perfect hiding places for your favorite herb.

Many marijuana users live with their parents or partners, so they should have their buds in an ideal place. It’s no secret that marijuana or cannabis use is not yet approved in many parts of the world. So, thinking of you, we give you some suggestions to keep your Mary Jane safe and in a practical place.


Fabulous Hide:


  1. In a hollow book: This is an old but effective trick. From the outside it looks like a book, but inside it contains marijuana. You can buy a hollow book directly, or you can do it yourself, just glue the pages together and then, after they are dry, cut the leaves in the middle to make the hole. This way, you will have your treasure book.


  1. In an old pair of jeans: Nobody’s going to look in your closet, especially not in all your old pairs of jeans. Hiding your pot in the pockets of an old jacket or an old pair of jeans is perfectly discreet. Just make sure you roll it up in something that disguises the smell, and that way the smell doesn’t get out of your whole closet.


  1. In a soda can: A classic among classics, use a can to create a concealed compartment to store the cannabis material. A storage method that fits in your hand, that can be moved from one place to another and that also isolates well the aromas inside. Also the Pringles potato containers are a great option.


  1. At the bottom of a drawer: If you have little private space, you will have to get creative. Hiding your material at the bottom of a drawer, holding it with tape, can be an effective way to hide it from others. It is a safe place, try to put some air freshener there, to disguise the smell.


  1. In a deodorant container: This is why deodorant bars are so popular, as they are easy to empty and clean, and always retain the essence. You can also use deodorant spray cans, an innocent and hygienic way to keep your buds safe from curious onlookers.


Now! Which hideout do you consider safest for YOUR MARY JANE?

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