7/10 is here! Celebrate this Marijuana Concentrate Day with a potent high!

Written by on 10 July, 2021

In addition to celebrating 4/20 (April 20), smokers also celebrate 7/10 (July 10), a day when marijuana concentrates take center stage in the cannabis community.

The “710” is the number associated with cannabis oils and extracts for the simple reason that if you turn the number upside down and inside out, it looks a lot like the word “OIL”.

There are hypotheses about the origin of this celebration, but what better way to celebrate this date than with a good weed concentrate. You are not sure to start; here are 3 options that will catch your attention.

1- Kief

Kief is one of the best concentrates listed by some users; it is ideal for vaporizing or adding it to your joint.

This marijuana product is a powder rich in trichomes that you can find at the bottom of your grinder. Kief can provide you with more THC with each puff as it is much power than regular buds.

2- Marijuana distillates

There are very potent alternatives to getting high on marijuana, and cannabis distillates are one of them. These are the purest concentrates you will find.

Marijuana distillate the result of a process that can allow for up to 99% potency and purity of cannabinoids. Unlike the production of other extracts, there is a risk of solvent residues remaining in the final product.

During the production of this concentrate, the terpenes could be destroyed. However, you can extract these compounds separately and then infuse them into the mixture once both processes are completed.

3- The Shatter

It is a type of concentrate that you will love has a beautiful golden color with a consistency similar to glass best thing about it is that it can have concentrations of up to 80% of THC and other cannabinoids.

This type of BHO (butane extracted hash oil) is an ideal alternative to consuming marijuana with a single puff using a rig, pipe, or vaporizer you can get high immediately.

With marijuana concentrates, you will experience a unique trip. Happy 7/10!

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