5 Tips to disguise the smell of cannabis

Written by on 13 April, 2022

The smell of marijuana is usually quite strong and you may wonder if there are ways to hide it. Well, this might be a little difficult, but not impossible. Here are some alternatives to disguise the smell of cannabis with some simple tips.

1) Ventilate the place

The smell of marijuana is more likely to be noticed indoors, so it’s important that before you use it, make sure the place or space you’re in has air circulation.

One alternative is to open the opposite in order to get airflow naturally or look for a fan.

If you have a terrace or balcony in your home, you can also choose to use cannabis outdoors so that the smell does not build up, but make sure you are not seen.

2) Use a carbon filter

In the cannabis market there are several devices, that can be useful at the time of hiding the smell of cannabis, in this sense, it is advisable to have installed a filter in the ventilation system of the room, which has a carbon substance that serves to neutralize the smell of the cannabis plant.

3) Look for specific products that provide fragrance

There are consumers, who use air fresheners, but these are the most recommendable because, if the normal air fresheners in the supermarket are not neutralized, they do not serve to cover the smell, on the contrary, they mix their fragrances with the cannabis and in many cases, as a result, they produce strange smells.  Even for those who have a growing it could be negative for the plants because of the composition of chemicals they may contain.

A great idea to be discreet about the smell of cannabis is to use strong essential oils or natural incense such as sandalwood. In addition, to a lesser extent look for scented candles.

Regardless of the alternative chosen, air out the place you are for at least two hours beforehand in order to get rid of the stagnant air in the area. Then, close windows and doors and use these fragrant products.

However, other people light incense a few minutes before they start using cannabis.

It is important to keep in mind that these options do eliminate the smell of marijuana.

4) Use a vaporizer

 If you want to keep your cannabis use a secret, it is advisable to use vaporizers because it will produce less odor. These devices raise the temperature to evaporate the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plants, without igniting or burning, thus avoiding combustion and the production of toxic substances that can be harmful to health.

5) Keeps marijuana odorless

Even if you do not find yourself using marijuana, cannabis buds give off odors, too. You need to keep them in airtight containers.




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