5 ideal things to roll a joint

Written by on 4 September, 2020

If you’re a novice smoker and don’t know what elements you need to have to build a joint, don’t worry, because in this post we’ll present you a top 5 of ideal things to roll.

1) Cannabis Variety

To choose the best variety of marijuana depends largely on the tastes of users of cannabis, because there are currently many strains and all have different characteristics. Some are more powerful than others are and the effects that they cause are different.

However, when you are going to build your joint, make sure you use quality buds (clean, dry and well cured).

2) Grinder

Although you can crumble the cannabis with your hands, it is more advisable to use a grinder, as it provides better results and thus prevents your fingers are sticky.

This tool offers multiple advantages since; with the aid of a grinder, you will be able to crush your vegetal matter in small pieces of easy form, with a better consistency and much more.

In addition you can acquire different models because there is a great variety of grinders available that can be adapted to your preferences, for example, you can find the card grinders, which are very simple to use and can be taken everywhere easily.

However, beyond the grinder you choose, remember that your cannabis must be chopped properly (not too much, not too little).

3) Rolling paper

Without a doubt, one of the most important elements to assemble your cannabis joint is the rolling paper. In the cannabis market are available a wide variety of papers made from different materials and of various sizes.

In addition, many brands offer this product, among the most popular is the brand Raw.

4) Filters

In addition to rolling paper, a good filter is also ideal. This element among other things offers a better airflow; it helps to hold the joint and will be very useful when you rolling.

It will be necessary to have a pointed object to press the joint through the open end. Keep in mind that the prey is key (not too much, not too little).

5) Tray for rolling

The rolling trays are great because they allow you to collect the marijuana debris that falls when you roll your cannabis, and are very functional because they provide a space to have the accessories such as the grinder. In addition, they come with different designs.







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