4 ways to get high fast with marijuana

Written by on 7 November, 2022

It’s 4:20 and time to take out your mota! When it comes to consuming marijuana, every smoker and user of cannabis has his or her own consumption habits.

If you are of those that, prefer that the effect hits to you strong and fast the best thing will be that you choose the methods and indicated products, continues reading and takes note of some of them.

1- Dabs

If you want to get a consumer alternative that hits you hard and fast, then dabs will be your best ally.

A dab is a highly concentrated dose of cannabis extract, which is heated to a high temperature and inhaled. This form of consumption has high concentrations of THC, so you only need a couple of puffs to get high.

2- Marijuana cartridges

THC cartridges have become very popular among the cannabis community. With them, you will get an instant high. These cartridges offer certain advantages like discretion and versatility.

3- Steamrollers pipes

The steamrollers are shaped like a pipe, but are not the same; rather they are a more powerful version. These pipes are designed so that each puff you give them will raise you as much as possible.

The steamrollers have a similar appearance to a chilum and are designed for the expert smoker, since the puffs you can obtain with them are enormous.

4- SunRocks

Do you think you can’t take your experience to a higher level? With the SunRocks, you can surely do it.

The SunRocks are a similar product to the MoonRocks; however, they are not the same. The SunRocks shine, and use higher quality products; generally, a kind of OG is used; these flowers are sprayed with cannabis extract and then sprinkled with a touch of kief.

This product offers a great power, thanks to its surprising level of THC of 80%.


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