3 ways to prepare marijuana tea

Written by on 11 January, 2022

Marijuana tea is becoming an increasingly popular option for cannabis users, and how could it not be if this method. In addition to bringing you several therapeutic benefits, it is a delicious alternative to continue enjoying TCH and CBD.

Ideal to relax you on those stressful days these cold nights, marijuana tea is a perfect companion, but how to make it; well, here 3 easy ways for you to prepare this cannabis infusion at home.

Method 1: Simple tea

To make this tea, you must get the following ingredients: half a gram of marijuana buds, half a tablespoon of butter, a tea bag (flavor of your choice), and a cup, and half water.

1- Grind the buds

With the help of a grinder or scissors, cut the cannabis buds finely if necessary separate the stems and seeds.

2- Mix with butter 

Proceed to mix the cannabis buds and butter in a cup, make sure that the marijuana is covered with fat; this will help the THC dissolve.

3- Fill a tea bag with your mixture

Take a tea bag and cut it at the top, and place its contents into the mixture. Then, with a spoon proceed to fill the bag with the mixture and seal it; if you have a tea or coffee filter, much better.

4- Heat the water and add the teabag

Heat the water to a temperature between medium and high without letting it boil. Then add the teabag and heat for 30 minutes. If the water evaporates, add a little more.

5- Remove the tea bag and enjoy your infusion

Once you have heated your drink, let it sit for a few minutes until it cools down and drink it. You can add sugar or honey to add more flavor to your tea.

Method 2: Chai, milk, and marijuana tea

For this recipe, you will need to use half a gram of marijuana buds, half a tablespoon of butter, a Chai tea bag, a cup of whole milk, half a cup of water, vanilla, and sugar.

1- Mix the ingredients

The previous method, chop the marijuana buds with the support of a grinder. Then mix the cannabis with the milk, butter, and vanilla in a blender. When ready, let the mixture stand for about 1 hour.

2- Add water to the mixture and heat it

Take the mixture and add water, heat it for 30 minutes, and check to avoid boiling or evaporation; if it is necessary, add more water

3- Add Chai tea

Remove the mixture from the stove and add a Chai tea bag; let it steep for 5 minutes.

4- Strain the mixture

With the help of a strainer remove the pieces of the mixture; don’t care about the lumps, you can skip this step.

5- To enjoy

Add a little sugar or honey and your cannabis infusion is ready to enjoy to the fullest.

Method 3: Herbal cannabis tea

The last method we bring for you is the herbal cannabis tea; for this recipe, you will need half a gram of marijuana buds, a cup with water, a teabag of any flavor, and, if you prefer, a bit of sugar or honey.

1- Crush the buds and fill the tea bag with marijuana

Once you have your cannabis crushed, proceed to cut the tea bag and empty the contents, then fill it with the ground marijuana and seal it.

2- Pour boiled water into a cup with the tea

Place the teabag in a cup, if you want to add more flavor, add a herbal tea bag. Bring the water to a boil and when it is ready, pour it into the cup containing the tea bags for 5 minutes.

3- Enjoy your cannabis infusion

Proceed to remove the tea bags, and they will be ready to drink. With this method, you will enjoy the delicious herbal flavor, but if you prefer to feel the effects of THC, it is necessary to add fat, so we recommend the previous methods.


As with products consumed orally, it will take a while to feel the effects of marijuana, but they will last longer than when inhaled.


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