3 ways to hide a high

Written by on 17 September, 2022

If you are high, and you don’t want others to notice your condition. This post can be of great help to you, because in this opportunity we will give you 3 tips to hide a high. So continue reading.

  1. Beware of smells

One of the aspects that more can give away a person who has been smoking cannabis is the smell of the smoke, since this one adheres easily to the clothes and the hair, in addition the breath also can discover you.

Try to smoke in a place where there is good air circulation (ventilation). Another alternative is to change your clothes, wash your hands and brush your teeth. Try to have things like mints, anti-odor sprays, cream or a body fragrance on hand.

Anyway, be careful, because some products instead of eliminating the aroma of cannabis can be mixed with it and produce strange smells.

2. Do not speak

Talk as little as you can. If you are already doing it and you realize you are talking nonsense, try to stop, but not in the middle of the sentence. Calm down and respond as necessary and without rambling.

If you are looking to go unnoticed, engaging in conversations with other people will not be positive (avoid emotional and heated conversations, also, although your divergent thinking may seem great, try not to share it).

Do not appear normal, because when you try to do so, sometimes you seem to do everything but. Just act calmly and without nervousness. Instead, try to relax, focus your attention on something, and don’t concentrate on what you are doing. Also, avoid melting into your seat or becoming ecstatic. Do something or move.

3. Sunglasses

Having red eyes can also cause them to notice that you’ve been smoking pot. Whenever you can, wear sunglasses, so no one will see your eyes, but be careful, if you are not outdoors or it is night, refrain from wearing them, as it would be very suspicious.

Final recommendations

Try to place yourself with people you know and trust. Placing yourself with strangers usually involves a combination of nervousness, among others.

Another thing, it is very important to prepare yourself before smoking to be able to act in the best way, because remember that the consumption of cannabis produces certain signs that could make them discover you.


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