3 ways to assemble a joint filter

Written by on 9 October, 2021

When it comes to smoking cannabis, users are always looking for alternatives that allow them to better their experience, one of them is using a joint filter, although it is not mandatory, the filters can bring you several advantages.

One of the benefits of using a filter is that you can make the most of your marijuana, because they allow you to smoke your whole plant without wasting anything and make it easier to roll the joints.

In addition, they offer you a better airflow. You will no longer have to inhale with too much force to enjoy a good puff. In addition, when you use a filter, they help you hold the joint better.

You can get joint filters in a store, but if you prefer to save money, you can make them yourself, with materials you can have at home, such as pieces of cardboard.

There are many simple ways to make the filters, and in this post we will indicate you 3 ways, so, stay with us so that you know how you can easily make them.

1- The normal filter

If you prefer not to complicate yourself too much this type of filter is one of the easiest ways to do it, just take the filter and fold it like an accordion. Then, take the end and roll it with your fingers like a cylinder. There should be a “W” inside, and that’s it.

2- The star

To begin with, make the accordion shape, as you would do with a normal filter. Bend one end of the accordion down the middle, and you will see the star form. Bend the accordion shape again, creating a tighter shape when you fold it into a star, until you get a well-defined shape. Moreover, to finish, take another filter and roll it around the figure.

3- The heart

If you are a more creative person, you might want to make a heart-shaped filter. It’s a little more difficult, but you’ll love it.

The first thing you have to do is take the filter and bend a part of it over. Then fold the cardboard into a heart shape and roll the filter around the figure so that you start rolling your joint.

Which one is the best?

As we mentioned before, using joint filters offers you several advantages and you can make them in different ways. To point out which is the best filter, it really depends on your tastes and preferences, choose the one that best suits you.










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