3 tips to elevate your vaporizer experience

Written by on 21 January, 2021

In the cannabis world there are a variety of methods for getting high, among them vaporizers have become very popular.

If you’re a fan of this consumption alternative, of course you’ll want to get the most out of them when you use them, right?

Well, if so, in this post we present three tips you can take into account.

1) Let it preheat enough

If you want better enjoy your vaporizer, it is advisable to wait long enough for the device to reach its ideal temperature before you start using it.

We are all eager to try our dab as soon as possible, but let your vaporizer preheat. Take your time, while you can select and prepare your most psychoactive buds.

Also, remember that some take longer than others to heat up, so don’t forget to read the instructions on your vaporizer.

2) Fill the chamber correctly

Not filling the vaporizer chamber with enough cannabis is a mistake that many users make more often than you think are, so on several occasions they may not get the results they are looking for.

Keep in mind that the way you fill your vaporizer will have an impact on the experience. Therefore, fill the chamber just enough, but don’t overfill. Ideally, you want to achieve a middle ground, so that you get good results and avoid damaging your vaporizer.

3) Keep the device clean

To vaporize efficiently, one of the things you should also do is to clean your device regularly. Remember that keeping your device clean helps to extend the life of the device.

Also, if you don’t clean your vaporizer constantly the remains of plant material and sticky resin that accumulate can produce a bad taste after a while and of course no one wants that.


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