3 tips to consume cannabis in a discreet way

Written by on 27 September, 2022

If you are lover of the cannabis, but, where you are not well seen its consumption, it neglects, always there is some way to manage to place to you without nobody notices. Anyway, in this post we will give some advice so you can do it discreetly. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading.


No matter how professional you are, in the world of marijuana, there is never any other advice that will make your life easier. It takes note.

1) Choose a discreet method

We know you love joints, but, my smoker friend, it’s time you chose a more discreet method of consumption. At least for the time being. You don’t want to be discovered.

Fortunately many forms exist, with which you can experience the psychoactive sensations of the cannabis without raising suspicions, for example, the pipes of a single puff. These to the being small become an ideal instrument to take it with itself, because, it is possible to be hidden easily and in addition they are a method of fast consumption, that does not give off much scent and usually does not call much the attention because there is not a constant flow of smoke.

You can also opt for some portable vaporizers or edible cannabis (but remember that the latter method is quite powerful and its effect is late, also if you opt for this option, ensure that no one craves your cookies or brownies with marijuana).

2) Look for the right place and time

Even if you use a discreet method, choosing the right place and time to stand is also important if you don’t want your secret to be discovered. Try to be timely, and choose an appropriate place to enjoy your cannabis. If you have to go to work, it’s probably better to wait until you get home.

Anyway, look for a place that is ventilated, and try to mask the smell with aromatic candles, among other products.

3) Hide your cannabis reserves

No matter how many attempts you make to hide the smell of cannabis, your efforts will be worthless if they find your supplies. So try to keep them in a safe place. At www.motaradio.com you can find tips on how to hide your cannabis at home… Check it out!


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