3 Tips that every beginner cannabis user should keep in mind  

Written by on 10 September, 2020

If hardly you are entering the cannabic world, you do not worry that little by little you will be learning more on him, for the moment, in this occasion we presented/displayed 3 advices to you must consider at the time of consuming cannabis.

1. Know the variety

Currently there is a wide variety of cannabis strains so before you go to consume this plant, make sure you know all the information about it. You will see there are many strains of marijuana and all have particular characteristics.  Some have a better taste and are more aromatic than others are, while there are other varieties that are very powerful, with high psychoactive levels and that can produce strong and long-lasting effects. Be sure to choose correctly so as not to have a bad experience.

2. Be careful with the food

If you are a beginner in the cannabic world, the edible ones surely seem attractive to you because you avoid having to inhale the smoke of certain methods of consumption, but be careful. You must take into account that the effect of the edible ones usually is much stronger and lasting than other methods and in addition, it takes more time in manifesting the effect, reason why it is very easy to lose the control between portion and portion. Consume in moderation (slowly and slowly) and wait a few hours (until you feel the effect) before consuming more.

3. Do not consume large quantities and do it in company

Each person is different, therefore, their tolerance to cannabis as well. If you do not have experience-consuming cannabis, it is advisable to start by consuming small amounts of this plant, and see how your body reacts. Otherwise, if you consume in excess it is very probable that you will live a bad experience.

We also recommend you to do it in the company of an expert friend, because THC produces some side effects and sensations that you are not used to and you may need help.


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