3 tips for cleaning a grinder

Written by on 8 October, 2020

If you are consumer of cannabis, surely you know that the grinders or mills are an excellent tool to crush the marijuana, either to use it in a joint, vaporizer or simply to prepare a delicious plate with marijuana.

In the cannabis market are available a great amount of grinders, which, vary in size, form, colors and material of manufacture (metal, plastic or wood, among others). If you want to extend the life of the same ones, one of the things that you can do is to maintain them clean.

In this opportunity, we will give you three simple tips that you should take into account when cleaning your grinder.

1) Clean according to the type of grinder

As we have mentioned before, there are models of grinders that you can choose according to your preferences and needs. In relation to this, keep in mind that the adequate method to clean your grinder will depend on the type of grinder you have and the material it has been made.

For example, unlike metal grinders, those made of wood cannot be cleaned with isopropyl or absolute alcohol; nor can they be wetted.

Likewise, if you have a plastic grinder it is not recommended to use these substances, because it tends to discolor and you would contaminate the resin with substances that could be harmful to your health, the same happens if the grinder has paint that can be dissolved in alcohol and mixed with the resin. That’s why you must clean your grinder according to its characteristics.

2) Do not scrape the grinder strongly

As days go by, if you don’t clean your grinder regularly, the more cannabis you grind, the more resin will remain attached to it, so it will get dirty, making it unable to do its job, as it cannot rotate properly.

If you are going to remove the remains of resin, make sure you do not scrape the grinder in a very strong way, as this could damage it. If you scrape a wooden or plastic grinder strongly, you run the risk that it will come off, along with the resin, plastic particles or wood chips, which can be very negative for you.

3) Freezer technique

If you want to clean your grinder easily, a great idea is to put it in the freezer for a few hours. There the trichomes will freeze and come off easily when cleaning this tool. Use a brush, to help you clean it, but gently.

This technique can work for most grinders, in fact, many recommend that it can also be used with wooden grinders, but be careful to remember that these grinders cannot get wet.

Final considerations

Many users of cannabis when they are going to clean their grinder choose to place some container or paper under the same one, to collect the rest of resin that falls, and to use it later, but with this, you must have much precaution.

Keep in mind that the buds are organic matter that can spoil and rot. That is why it is very important to clean your grinder regularly, and make sure that they are completely clean, because over time, bacteria and mold can appear in the remains of resin and if you smoke them, you could affect your health.

On the other hand, if it hasn’t been long since your last session and you want to take advantage of the cleaning of your metal grinder to smoke the resins, remember that you must clean them with non-toxic solvents. In these cases, you must check well that the grinder does not contain dirt or mold.


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