3 things you should know about Kief

Written by on 4 November, 2022

As you may know, when it comes to consuming cannabis, smoking the flower is not the only option users can opt for to get high. Kief is undoubtedly one of the many ideal alternatives to enjoy the effects of the weed.

Well, stay with us, we’ll tell you three things you may not have known about this concentrate.

1- It is more potent than buds

Most smokers love to choose a cannabis strain with a high TH because it usually causes a potent effect, but did you know that Kief could give you a higher high?

Yes, that’s right, Kief is much more powerful than regular buds, it can give you more THC with each puff.

2- Difference between kief and hash

Kief and hash are different concentrates, while the former is a trichome-rich powder that you can find at the bottom of your grinder; the latter is a homogeneous mass of trichomes that requires pressure to form a solid block or ball.

The source of confusion in some smokers may come precisely because making hashish requires using Kief.

3- How to store it properly

If you were concerned about preserving the quality of your concentrate, it would be best if you learn how to store it properly.

You can choose to store your kief in an airtight glass container and place it in a cool, dark place. Remember that light and heat can degrade cannabinoids, and of course, no one wants that to happen, so store your kief as well as possible.


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