3 ideal ways to enjoy marijuana this summer

Written by on 3 June, 2021

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons, because in these months, people usually take the opportunity to vacation and enjoy their free time.

Well, this season is coming, therefore, you should get ready for this moment, of course, and marijuana cannot be missing in your plans.

To have a perfect 420 summer, stay tuned to this post, as we will tell you about 3 ideal ways to get high with your weed in these hotter months.

1- Choose a good strain

Do you want to have a more satisfying experience with weed this summer? Then start by choosing a good marijuana strain.

You see, whether you plan to lounge by the pool, have an outdoor adventure or have a backyard barbecue, choosing the ideal cannabis strain can make all the difference. For this summer, you can opt for strains like Banana Punch or Tangie Biscotti.

2- Vape your cannabis to keep you cool

Smoking a joint on those really hot days can be difficult, however, to get high with your Mary Jane you can opt to use a vaporizer, those that are quality ones allow you to control the temperature precisely, giving you the option to reduce the heat, so, you can feel cooler.

3- Prepare cannabis drinks or ice creams

When the hot season arrives, what better than enjoying a cold drink or a Popsicle to cool down, of course with the special touch of marijuana. In our website Mota Radio, you can find several recipes to prepare them.

This is a delicious and ideal way to get high at home in the company of good friends.


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