3 ideal occasions to enjoy the effects of marijuana

Written by on 25 November, 2022

When it comes to getting “high” with cannabis, any time can be ideal, whether in the morning, in the afternoons off, at night before going to sleep, in short.

Well, choosing the most suitable occasion to smoke a joint will depend on each stoner, but you’ll agree with us that there are certain times when you enjoy marijuana even more.

Look at this post; we will mention 3 ideal occasions to enjoy the effects of your Mary Jane.

1- When listening to music

Most stoners will agree on this point, there is nothing like hitting play on the player, listening to good music, and consuming a good strain of weed.

You see, cannabis culture holds that listening to music while stoned gives you a superior experience; you could concentrate better on the melody and the rhythm of the songs in general.

2- When you go for a walk

When you decide to go hiking or take a walk in the woods is a good time to enjoy a smoke session and connect with nature. Just remember to consume in moderation and take precautions before embarking on your trip. Moreover, don’t forget to choose the right cannabis strain to accompany you on your adventure.

3- After a day’s work

One of the best times to get high with your weed is precisely after finishing chores at home or after a tiring day at work.

As you may know, some strains of marijuana in addition to pleasant flavors and aromas also provide you with a relaxing effect.



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