3 Alternatives to consume cannabis without smoking

Written by on 15 September, 2020

If you want to consume cannabis without having to smoke it but you don’t know how, don’t worry, because nowadays there are several ways to do it. In this post, we present you three. Therefore, we invite you to keep reading.

1) Edibles

One of the most popular alternatives to consume cannabis without having to smoke a joint, are the edible ones, which are food, desserts and drinks (cookies, pasta, soups among others) with cannabis.

If you are going to make them by yourself, keep in mind that raw marijuana contains very few psychoactive components so you must decarboxylate (apply heat) to be able to enjoy them, because, through this process THCA becomes THC. Before doing it, it investigates on the correct temperatures to make this process, since, if you put your cannabis to inadequate temperatures, you run the risk of losing great part of its valuable components like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Although the edible are a very attractive proposal, be careful, because, its effect is manifested of late form, and therefore, it is very easy to lose the control between portion and portion. In addition, the effect of the comestibles is more powerful and lasting. It is recommended to consume with moderation (small portions) and to wait some hours (until feeling the effect), to eat again.

Keep in mind that with this method it is more difficult to dose and calculate the power of each food. If you abuse the edibles, you could experience a bad trip.

2) Tinctures

Tinctures are a preparation based on cannabis and alcohol in which the components (cannabinoids and terpenes) of marijuana are extracted. Generally, they come in glass bottles with droppers, and are a method of consumption that allows a more precise dosage.

The tinctures can be used of diverse forms, but one of most common is of sublingual form (applying them under the tongue). In this way, the tinctures are quickly absorbed and the effects can be felt quickly as well.

3) Vaporizers

You can also choose to use vaporizers. In the cannabis market, there are varieties that vary in size, color and shape, among others. You can look for one that fits your style.


Before you go to use cannabis with some of the options mentioned above, we recommend you to find out more about the correct way to use these methods.

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