3 advantages of single-strength pipes

Written by on 24 July, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are various devices, methods and accessories with which cannabis users can consume it. There are many products, for all tastes, and among these are single-strength pipes. We invite you to continue reading this post, because we will present you some of its most outstanding advantages.

1) Comfortable model

Single-strength pipes come in different styles, and are usually comfortable, as they are usually small. In this sense, it will be easy to take them with you to many places.

2) Discreet

Their design is usually similar to that of a cigarette, which makes them perfect for those who want to use marijuana discreetly, as they can be easily hidden.

They are also a quick method of consumption, which does not give off much smell and does not usually attract much attention because there is no constant flow of smoke.

3) You can save your plant material

With these pipes, you can save your plants, because precisely as they work by puffs, you only smoke the amount that can fit in the device, that is, the amount needed for one puff, so if you decide not to consume more, you will not despise large quantities of your plants.

In addition, these pipes can be a good tool for microdoses.


Grind your plants the right way. If you chop them too finely you run the risk that they will turn to ashes, once you light them, and you could inhale it; but on the other hand, if your plant matter is not chopped up in the right way it can get stuck inside the tube. Be careful.

Be sure to learn how to use these pipes correctly, before you use them, because, although it is not so difficult, it is better to be oriented so as not to make the common mistakes. We also advise you to clean them after each use, to avoid accumulation of ashes.




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