3 Advantages of Bongs

Written by on 12 August, 2020

One of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana without a doubt is by means of a bong. In the cannabis industry there are many models that come manufactured with different materials such as ceramics, glass or simply wood, among others.

These devices have several advantages, but this time we present you three of them, so keep reading.

 1) Ease of use

 This is surely one of the advantages that will please the less experienced cannabis users the most, since bongs, unlike other methods generally, are easy to use as they do not require any rolling process, an act that many find difficult.

2) Soft and huge puffs

The bong offers marijuana users soft, cool puffs because the smoke is filtered through the water, so this method could be an option for many.

3) You can fill it with other liquids

Another advantage of bongs is that you can experiment with liquids other than water, such as juice or tea, among many others, so you can apply different flavor nuances in your session, but keep in mind that not all drinks are suitable. Be careful!








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