3 Advantages and disadvantages of convection vaporizers

Written by on 21 August, 2020

The cannabis industry has become so widespread that there are now a large number of methods, products and devices for consuming cannabis. One example is the diversity of vaporizers available on the market, which vary in size, color and shape.

In this post, we want to talk, specifically, about convection vaporizers by giving you 3 advantages and disadvantages of them.

Convection Vaporizers

With these vaporizers, the plant material is not in direct contact with the hot surface. Convection vaporizers heat the plant material by means of a flow of hot air that passes through the plants.


Some of the advantages of this type of vaporizer are:

1) Uniformity: With this type of device, the vaporization of the plants is uniform. In addition, these vaporizers offer multiple temperature adjustments.

2) Better taste: convection vaporizers give their users a better taste; a feature that will undoubtedly please more than one.

3) Easier to clean: convection vaporizers are usually easier to clean. Remember that whatever your steamer is, you should always try to keep it clean.


Some of the disadvantages of convection steamers are:

1) Price: if you do not have enough purchasing power, this could be a considerable disadvantage, as convection vaporizers are generally more expensive.

2) They take longer to heat up: these devices take a little longer to heat up than conduction vaporizers, which many see as a disadvantage.

3) Most are bulky devices: if you are one of those who likes or prefers discretion, you probably will not want to look for convection vaporizers because they are usually bigger.







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